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William Shakespeare's

Richard III

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, is displeased with the state of affairs in England. His brother is the king and people are ... happy? Well, not miserable anyway. Rather than sharing in the fun, bitter Richard conspires to play his brothers, King Edward IV and George, Duke of Clarence, against each other in an attempt to gain the crown for himself. To help his cause, he woos a woman at a funeral, arranges for many murders (his brother and nephews among the victims), and betrays his allies. Even his own mother curses him for a bloody tyrant.

Meanwhile, the Earl of Richmond is gathering forces in France to take back the throne of England for his side of the War of the Roses. They meet at the Battle of Bosworth Field -- but will York or Lancaster prevail?

William Shakespeare's _Richard III_ will be presented by Rocket City Shakespeare August 7, 8, 13, 14, & 15 @ 7 pm and August 9 @ 2 pm at Wilson Theater on the campus of UAH.

Student admission is $4 advance, $8 at the door.
General admission is $5 advance, $10 at the door.

For questions or more information, message us on Facebook, contact Mandy Hughes at (256)714-2120 or [email protected], or visit us on the web at

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