Rocket City Shakespeare

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Ethan Mitchell -- Orlando

Cathi Bell Altonji -- Adam, Duchess Frederick

Cathi is tickled pink to be treading the boards in Rocket City Shakespeare's production of "As You Like It", especially since this is her first opportunity to share a scene with her daughter, Sarah (Celia)! Some favorite roles since moving to Huntsville in 2006 have been Lottie in "Enchanted April" (Theatre Huntsville), Belladonna in "Sleeping Beauty" (Fantasy Playhouse Children's Theatre), and Player Queen/ Nurse/ Townsman/ Messenger -- what a fun ride that was-- in "Hamlet" (Renaissance Theatre, with current director Mandy Hughes as Assistant Director). Cathi has performed with community theatres in Georgia, N. Carolina, and elsewhere in Alabama, and has recently worked locally in film. She wants to give MUCHO thanks (how dost thou, Charles?) to Mandy and Steven and this hard working cast (it truly has been fun, educational, etc.), and love to her husband Mark, who encourages her and endeavors to understand the acting "bug" which has now claimed half of his family.

Brian Beck -- Oliver

Brian is excited and humbled to work with such talented and experienced players in his first Shakespeare play. He thanks Mandy Hughes for this opportunity, as well as his friends and family who patiently endure their responsibility to attend. Enjoy the show !

Alex DeBacker -- Dennis, Lord, William, Jaques DeBoys
Alex is a recent graduate of Grissom High School, and he now plans to attend Calhoun Community College for 2 years while getting an associate's degree in music industry communications. This is his second significant role in a major production, his first being in Rocket City Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew". Alex also hopes to pursue a career as a singer/song-writer. Alex is also the director's nephew and is excited to be working with her again.

Joel Kreipe -- Charles, Amiens, Original Music

Joel is a 25 year old photographer, working primarily in the Huntsville community with "Clicks Foto". In addition to photography and music, Joel loves practicing theatre as an art form and has remained actively involved in Huntsville theatre productions for the last eleven years. His favorite parts include Sky Masterson (G&D), Action (WSS), and most recently, Cinderella's Prince (ITW). Joel is so excited to be performing Shakespeare again with his Rocket City friends! He thanks his family, and his girlfriend Christa for their continued love and support of all his endeavors. "Come hither, come hither, come hither. Here shall we see no enemy, but winter and rough weather."

Christa Reaves -- Rosalind

Christa has recently been seen in IMP's Into the Woods and Les Miserables, as well as Theatre Huntsville's The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress. She was the assistant director on the premiere of Rocket City Shakespeare's first show, The Taming of the Shrew. Christa just received her Master's degree in English from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where she teaches composition. Shout-out to Joel, boyfriend extraordinaire.

Sarah Bell Altonji -- Celia

Chad Allen Thomas -- Touchstone, Dramaturg
Previously, Chad appeared as Baptista in Rocket City Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. Chad teaches Shakespeare and dramatic literature in the English department at UAH, where his recent theatre work includes Joe Keller in All My Sons (2013) and directing The Comedy of Errors (2011) and The Tempest (2012); prior credits include Theatre Collective (Ann Arbor, MI), Impulse Productions (Denton, TX), Setkani Encounters (Brno, Czech Republic), and Shakespeare in Santa Fe (Santa Fe, NM). In addition to a PhD in English from the University of Michigan, Chad has Master’s degrees in English and Theatre from the University of North Texas and a BFA in Acting from the University of New Mexico.

Michael Bradley -- Le Beau, Corin, Hymen

Joel Yalowitz -- Lord at court, Lord in Arden, Understudy

Shawn Murdock -- Lord at Court, Silvius

Shawn has been told that he’s almost finished with his BA in English at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, but he remains skeptical of this claim. That being said, he would like to pursue an MFA in poetry writing if he does manage to make it out of undergrad alive. He has already been published in a few obscure literature magazines, so he remains hopeful towards the matter. He first tried acting only about two years ago and enjoyed it immensely. Since then, he has gotten involved in theatrical productions every time he’s been presented with an opportunity, most recently performing in UAH Theatre’s production of Anything Goes and directing “Just Wanted to Dance” and “Justice Man” for the Charger Theatre Club’s Inaugural Playwright Festival. He would like to thank the entire cast and crew of As You Like It for making this one of the most enjoyable experiences he’s had in any show, his friends and family for putting up with his antics and supporting him through all of his endeavors, and Rupert Thompson for reminding him that sometimes it’s ok to get super-stoked over something as simple as a tennis ball.

Amy Landreneau -- Duchess Senior, Sir Oliver Martext

Amy is delighted to be working once again with Rocket City Shakespeare Company on this production of "As You Like  It".   She has had the honor of performing in theatre for the last four years with various theatrical companies around Huntsville.  Some shows included Sound of Music (TH), Little Women (TH), Odd Couple Female Version (TH), Sordid Lives (TH), Annie (LMP), BIG (LMP), Taming of the Shrew (RCS) as well as other independent local performance groups.  She has found great pleasure in working with these particularly talented and dedicated group of actors in these Shakespeare plays!  She has learned a whole new level of appreciation for Shakespeare working with the directors of these shows, and there is nothing that brings more pleasure than seeing these writings “come to life” on stage with such vim and vigor and such intense dedication.   Thanks to all for this amazing ride!!!

Megan Tompkins -- Jaques

Claire Mitchell -- Lady in Arden, Understudy

Hannah Mitchell -- Phoebe
Vanessa Wires -- Audrey
Vanessa is excited to get back into theatre after a long hiatus; her last performances were in high school so as the old saying proclaims, get back on the horse. This is her first performance with Rocket City Shakespeare and she hopes you'll be seeing more of her! She would like to thank Mandy for this new and exciting opportunity and has truly enjoyed learning the art of Shakespeare. She would also like to thank the other actors for being so welcoming to this new-comer, and finally her family and her boyfriend Wyatt who never made fun of her for talking to herself in the mirror! Hope you enjoy the show!
Mandy L. Hughes -- Director, Head of Company
The founder of Rocket City Shakespeare, Mandy is excited that so many amazing people want to come and play Shakespeare with her! Having recently received her MA in English from UAH, Mandy is looking forward to embarking on a PhD prgram in 2015. In the mean time, look for her work in Coriolanus and Richard III, Rocket City Shakespeare's upcoming shows, and A Midsummer Night's Dream with UAH Theatre. Thanks go out to awesome friends and family, most especially Vance, Soph, and The Baby X, and to you, the audience.
Steven LaMar -- Assistant Director
Kate Corlandi -- Stage Manager

Kate has been involved with theatre both on and offstage since 2002. Companies she has performed with include the Calhoun Community College theatre department, Huntsville Opera Theatre, and Ars Nova. Backstage she has filled various technical roles including prop master, assistant director, technical director, stage manager, and dresser. Groups she has worked backstage for include Independent Musical Productions, Huntsville Community Chorus, UAH, Ars Nova, and Opera Birmingham. Kate's most recent technical work includes working as a dresser and hand-sewer for Nashville Opera, and she just finished her 4th year working stage management for the Panoply Arts Festival. Kate would like to thank Mandy Hughes for allowing her to play backstage, and for the opportunity to be around this amazing cast!
Josh Heard -- Technical Director, Lighting
Caleb Grisset -- Costumes
Lora Hibbard -- Front of House, Production Assistant
Lora is thrilled to be a part of the Rocket City Shakespeare Team. A lifelong participant in various forms of theatre, both on-stage and behind the scenes, they most recently participated in UAH Reader’s Theatre’s production of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and this is their second production with RCS. When they aren’t assisting Mandy and the rest of the production team, or poking actors with sticks, they work as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the UAH English department. Thanks to everyone who has made this first year living in Huntsville an awesome one, and the Company for making full-body contact Shakespeare a reality.

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