Rocket City Shakespeare

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Alex Beck -- Hero

Brian Beck -- Benedick

Andy Cayse -- Prince Don Pedro

Claire Crenshaw -- Ursula, Watch

Joanna DeAtley -- Borachia

Brittany Ellis -- Margaret

Larkin Grant -- Beatrice

Larkin is elated to tackle her favorite Shakespearean character. Recent roles include Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream with UAH Theatre and 1st Witch in Macbeth with RCS. By day (and often night), Larkin is the co-owner of Our Valley Events & Move Digital. She wants to thank Chad, Mandy, Lee, & Murdock for bringing the Bard back into her life and Beck for enduring her nightly beatings. Love to her husband, her number one rocket scientist.  

Lee Hibbard -- Director, Front of House Manager

Lee is excited to be working with Rocket City Shakespeare for a final production. A lifelong participant in theatre both on and off the stage, this is his sixth production with RCS, and his second as co-Director. Lee recently received a Master's Degree in English from the University of Alabama in Huntsville, and will be moving to pursue a PhD in rhetoric and composition at Purdue University in August of 2016. When he isn't sharing a brain with Mandy or poking actors with sticks, he works as an adjunct English instructor at UAH. Thanks to all the actors and Mandy for a wonderful production, and special thanks to my family and friends for their support.

Mandy L. Hughes -- Dogberry, Producer

The founder of Rocket City Shakespeare, Mandy is excited that so many amazing people want to come and play Shakespeare with her! Having recently received her MA in English from UAH, Mandy is looking forward to embarking on a PhD program focusing on Shakespeare and Performance at the University of North Texas in Fall of 2016. In the meantime, she is an instructor at UAH, AAMU, and Virginia College in Huntsville. Thanks go out to awesome friends and family, most especially Vance, Celeste, and The Baby X, and to you, the audience, who have joined us on this wonderful adventure.

Caitlin Mackie -- Dona Joan

Caitlin is excited to make her onstage debut with Rocket City Shakespeare, after working behind the scenes for several shows. This marks her return to the stage for the first time since high school. She would like to thank her friends who bullied her into auditioning in the first place, and is grateful for their continued support and encouragement. She would also like to thank her bosses for allowing her time off from her fulltime gig as an Oompa Loompa, her parents for not laughing in her face when she moved to Alabama, and her three cats because cats.

Sarah Moore -- Stage Manager, Assistant Director

E. Mildred Murdock -- Director

Evelyn Mildred Murdock recently earned a BA in English and Theatre from UAH. She made her first appearance with Rocket City Shakespeare in 2014 as Silvius in As You Like It. This is Evelyn’s fourth show with RCS and first time directing Shakespeare. Most recently she directed Samuel Beckett’s “Act Without Words I & II” and “Not I” at UAH. Evelyn would like to thank Mandy for giving her what has proved to be a challenging and exciting opportunity, and the cast and crew of this show for all of the talent and effort that they have contributed to the production.

Stacy Neuberger-von Hoffman -- Verges

Stacy Neuberger-von Hoffman has only been in two plays in her adult life, Much Ado and Clue. Her other roles, in short films, have been as Dead Hooker #1 or Zombie #7. Stacy works as a writer, publishing zombie horror under the name of Stacy Kingsley, and teaches English at a local college. She thinks Shakespeare is okay for an old dude.

Daphne Noble -- Seacoal

Daphne Noble makes her debut with Rocket City Shakespeare in this production. When she's not on stage, she can be found backstage doing hair & make-up for other local theatres. Daphne also enjoys volunteering for A New Leash on Life & taking care of her own "zoo" at home. She thanks her mom for her unending love & support.

Kareem Omar -- Claudio

Logan Osborn -- Assistant Stage Manager

Katherine Phillips -- MessengerConrade

Chad Allen Thomas -- Leonato, Producer

Shawn Tracey -- FriarSexton

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